Online Training

SPARTAN SEVEN Online Training is the most complete BUD/S and SOF on the planet. Founder and Head Coach Dan Cerrillo's methods have turned more than 20-aspiring athletes into Navy SEALs. Quitters need not apply. 

SPARTAN SEVEN offers 3 Training Options.

Downloadable Programs: 

We provide 30, 90 and 120 day downloadable training programs. These include Strength, Conditioning, Endurance, Sprinting, Fast Twitch, Durability and Mental programs. This is ideal for: Football, Wrestling, CrossFit, MMA, Ju Jitsu, Boxing, and More. We include barbell work, sandbag drills, rucking, trail running, beach drills, swimming, dumbbells and free weights. 


Online Coaching: 

BUD/S candidates. This is what you need. Do not try to train for the most rigorous selection process in the special forces community on your own. You will QUIT! 175 - 200 candidates enter 1st Phase. 25 - 30 will earn their trident. It's designed for failure... 

Coach Dan Cerrillo has put 23 of his students through the pipeline to earn the Trident. He's worked with Marine Officers, PJ's, EOD, and more. 


Personal Coaching:

Train with a small dedicated group of elite athletes under the supervision of Coach Dan Cerrillo. Students in this course must complete an application process and a PST screening. Out of shape? Don't even waste your time.