Adventure Experiences

 Live and Operate Like a SEAL Unit. 

Executive Adventure Camps

Hands on training working side by side and learning from the most highly decorated and secretive warriors on the planet. Train hard, learn from and listen to the stories of these great men. 

Each day starts with a functional workout. Morning lectures and practicals will ensure your mind is fresh so you can absorb as much knowledge as possible. We immediately implement skills learned in real life training exercises. You will feel the rush of adrenaline as you breach a door, or clear a building, move as a SEAL Platoon and more!

We will take you to the range and work on shooting skills, to the raceway to improve driving skills and in the air to show you the joy of skydiving.

November 8-11 - JL Bar Ranch Resort, Sonora, Tx., Long Range, Sporting Clay, Gunfighter Pistol Training with special guest instructor Chip Beaman and Special Guest Speaker Navy Cross Awardee and Medal of Honor Candidate Brian Chontosh. SOLD OUT

February 11-14 - Phoenix, Az., Offensive, Defensive, Competition Race Car driving, Gunfighter Pistol Training, Armed and Unarmed Close Quarters Home Defense. 2-spots available. Special Guest Speaker David Rutherford.

April 15-18 - San Diego Ca., Freefall Parachuting, Long Range, Carbine, Gunfighter Pistol Training.

June 19-23 - Bull Hill Ranch, Wa., Full Mission Profile. Land Navigation, Reconnaissance, Team Target Assaults, Unarmed Combative’s, Gunfighter Carbine and Pistol, Close Quarters Combat.

July 15-18 - Shaws Shooting Academy, Ketchum, Id., Advanced Gunfighter Training.

August 5-10 - Phillipsburg, Mt. (Pintler Mountain Range), Long Range Land Navigation and Survival Hike.

Spartan 7 Adventure Montana Dan Cerrillo Navy SEAL

Pre-SOF Camp 5-days / 4-nights

Learn what its going to take to accomplish your dream. If you want to know if you have what it takes to walk amongst us then this is your chance. It will be hard, you will learn, we will teach you and you will understand if this lifestyle is meant for you. 

Each day starts with a Frogman workout. Morning lectures and practicals to who you that the brain is as mighty as the braun. We immediately implement skills learned in real life training exercises. You will learn how to feed the body for the long hours ahead, how to overcome the voice that tells you to quit and how to push harder then you have ever pushed before. We will also show you the basics of shooting, moving and communicating so you don't get kicked out after you have worked so hard to get there. 

Team Training Camp 1 - 3 Day events

Bring your athletic or corporate team to the event of a lifetime. Join companies like the Warner Brothers Executive Gaming Team or like Southern Alabama University and learn to lead, follow, communicate and solve complex problems under great stress together as a unit and as a family. 

Elite teams and corporate groups share similar traits, discipline, the ability to lead and follow, the understanding to properly communicate and to listen and pay attention to detail. Many talk about this in a classroom, we will force you to do this under stress and you will understand the consequences when you fail. 


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Spartan 7 Adventure Dan Cerrillo Navy SEAL