About Spartan Seven

At Spartan Seven Executive Adventure we seek to provide high net worth clients and organizations the leadership, communication, offensive mindset , and advanced situational awareness skills developed by Navy SEALs. 

To provide a hands on approach to teaching our clients advanced skills in shooting, driving, hand to hand combatives, travel safety, home defense, and personal defense through realistic mission based scenarios.  

At course completion our clients will have increased skills in leading by example, effectively communicating under duress, accomplishing goals and projects through an offensive mindset, and paying acute attention to detail through advanced situational awareness.

Dan Cerrillo

Dan served as a Navy SEAL with multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the Navy Dan was selected as one of the founding members of the Paul Allen’s Executive Protection Team. During his tenure at Vulcan Inc. he founded CrossFit Bellevue the largest most equipped CrossFit Training Center on the West Coast as well as Lake Hills CrossFit, CrossFit Inter-bay and CrossFit Ad Alta. Dan now serves on the Board of Directors for the Navy SEAL Fund and is the Washington State Ambassador for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Dan is also one of the founding members of Global Support and Development a privately funded humanitarian outreach team. From 2008 - 2016 Dan served as the Director of Training for SEALFit.com and helped expand and develop the 50-hour Endurance Event Kokoro, SOF Immersion Academy and Turning Steel. Dan is also an accomplished high school football strength and conditioning coach were until 2016 he was part of the Bellevue Wolverine Coaching Staff and won and unprecedented 13-state championships and 2013 National Championship. Dan now coaches at Cedar Park Christian with the same coaching staff and is once again building a championship team which won the first Conference Championship in school history.

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Dr. Derek Price

Derek earned a scholarship to the University of Iowa and followed by a career in the NFL to play for the Detroit Lions.  It was cut short due to a severe neck injury which required career ending surgery. Derek wasted no time post NFL departure getting his life on a new track and promptly enrolled into Life University College of Chiropractic.  He found a program called SEALFIT while in conversation with other SEALs.  He enrolled in a Navy SEAL Hell Week administered by current and former SEALS.   Selected Honor Man of Class 17, he was awarded an entry intern position with the SEALFIT team.  He was one of a very small population of Certified SEALFIT Kokoro Coaches that administers SEALFIT camps around the world.  Some notable SEALFIT coaching pursuits include University of South Alabama, St. John Bosco High School, Nike, and multiple Law enforcement groups. Derek has served as Sr. Cadre for more than 20 HELL WEEK simulations with the SEALFIT group.   Dr. Price has built a large CrossFit Competition event production group and has held benefit events throughout the years for numerous causes to include Autism Awareness, Juvenile Diabetes, Women’s Health, Pediatric Cancer and many others.  Currently Dr. Price owns and operates a beautiful Sports Orthopedic Medical Clinic complete with numerous specialties. He still finds time to train daily with his friends and family and to prepare for his personal endurance and functional fitness such as Ironman Triathlons, CrossFit Competitions and Alcatraz Open water swim races. His number one focus is set squarely on his beautiful wife Heather and his three amazing daughters Kylie, Hailey and Sadie.  


Chriss Smith Jr.

Chriss Smith Jr., a.k.a. “Quatro Deuce”, is a mobile, hostile, and agile former Navy SEAL.  He has decades of experience in the SEAL teams and other Special Operations units with extensive experience in tactical communications, small unit tactics, combat/tactical marksmanship, weapons, anti-terrorism defensive driving, combative training, instruction in digital collection systems, certified diving instructor, recognized writing, and photographic talents.  He is also an adventure athlete who has recently competed in the “Primal Quest” 465-mile 10-day adventure race, competed in the "Arrowhead 135” a 135-mile human sled pull race, and numerous extreme endurance races. Chriss is a coach, trainer, and mentor to professionals, first responders, industrial athletes, military forces, and life-long warrior-athletes seeking to reach their fullest potential in their jobs and home safely.  Chriss is Co-founder and owner of Trident CrossFit, a CrossFit Level 4 trainer, a CrossFit Regional Games Director, and CrossFit Games Competition Director.  He is also a Life Coach and mentor to dozens of people looking for a higher purpose to their lives.  He is fit, funny, charming, and winner of the hit television show “One Man Army” ep. 5, a competition series featured on Discovery Channel, which pits elite military, extreme sports and law enforcement operatives against one another. 

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